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The Realm Jumpers

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Book 1: Realm of the Death Cult

Winston, Maggie, and Timir discover an antique teapot with unimaginable power that makes them the target of a cult of deadly creatures made of ice.

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Book 2: Realm of the Snake People

After a simple stakeout job goes wrong, the gang are plunged into the middle of a civil war between warring tribes of snake people deep in the outback of Australia.

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Book 3: Realm of the Wolf Hunters

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I began my storytelling career in the film industry in Los Angeles where I worked as a writer, director, and producer for various award-winning short and feature-length projects that screened at film festivals all over the world. In 2009 I moved to London to enroll in the Feature Film Screenwriting Masters programme at the prestigious University of London, Royal Holloway university and upon earning my degree, chucked it all in to move to New York and begin a career as a self-published novelist. I have now settled happily in a quiet part of the Spanish coast with my wife and son in the hopes that I can finally get some writing done.

My books were born from a love of BBC radio shows I listened to with relish while living in the UK. There are too many great writers from that period to list here, but they fueled my passion for great dialogue, well-developed characters, and fast-paced plot. I wanted to explore a way to meld these elements with the ruthless efficiency of scene I learned from the film world and the elements of the fantasy genre I've always held so dear. The result was The Realm Jumpers, a series that not only forced me to be a better writer, but also taught me how to love the process like never before. I just hope they are as fun to read as they were to write!

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Brown's story is marvelous; a tale that's bound to please other fans of Douglas Adams as much as it pleased and delighted me. Being a fantasy, much of the action takes place in another realm, and I was enchanted by the author's imaginative and evocative alternate world. Winston Lamb, Maggie, and the ever earnest Timir are unforgettable and unremarkable all at once, and that combination of attributes somehow makes their story work very well indeed. I'm anxiously looking forward to their further adventures.

Lennox Brown's book is a treat for the senses. The mind's eye is bombarded with hilarious images of a wry vampire and a jaded witch on this maniacal journey through space and time. I soon forgot that Winston and Maggie were supernatural characters as they embodied a myriad of human emotions and characteristics usually saved for the depiction of humans in literature. Touched with Buffy-like satire but with the beating heart of some of Anne Rice's best works, Brown's novel is a commendable addition to the canon of self-referential popular culture.


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There's plenty of fantastical action and spell-binding fight scenes, requiring the unique skill set of all three main characters in order to survive, Winston's vast experience and cunning, Maggie's knowledge of low level kids party magic, and Timir's ability to grovel. When the final showdown occurs it's testament to the clever writing that the likely result is unclear until the last possible moment.

I downloaded this book out of curiosity, not knowing what to expect. Boy was I surprised! As well as being entertaining and unusual, I found myself laughing out loud throughout. This author has a great sense of humor! Amazing cast of fantasy, human and "somewhat" human characters. I know I have a good book when I want to read every word and take it all in rather than skip over uninteresting, boring details. I read every word of this book and didn't want it to end. I'm a fan!


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